3 Easy Homemade Hair Masks for Hair Growth

Everyone desires long, thick and lustrous hair but what do you do if your hair falls in clumps daily and looks as dry and rough as a broom?

Fret not as we have charted out a list of top three easy homemade hair masks for hair growth and nourishment. You will have your desired thick, smooth hair in no time with these easy recipes.

Hair Mask for Regrowth #1. – Egg Yolk With Olive Oil

Mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and add in about a cup of water to dilute the solution. Massage this hair mask into your scalp and thoroughly coat your hair before you let it set for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Apply once or twice a month.

Hair Mask for Regrowth #2. – Banana Hair Mask

Mash a banana till you form a thick paste. Coat your hair properly with the paste and cover with a plastic bag. Let it set for about 30 minutes. Use a blow dryer to help it set well, if the weather is too wet or humid. Rinse it out with water.

Use it once a week.

Hair Mask for Regrowth #3. – Caffeine Hair Treatment

Mix 8 oz. of your favourite shampoo with 4 oz. of powdered coffee and apply it to your hair. Wash it off after 5 m or so.

Use it once daily or every alternate day.